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From the Principal ‚Äč

Dear Harvey Families,

It is hard to believe that we are already beginning the month of March, which brings all kinds of wonderful things…the official start of spring, buds will begin to develop on the trees, and the tulips will start peeking through the ground.  This is a time of renewal and rejuvenation after the long cold winter.  Goodbye winter, hello spring! 

One of the most exciting parts of March for Harvey students is the fact that MARCH IS READING MONTH!   Our theme this year is “The Reading Olympics.”  Our staff has many exciting things planned for our students.  Thanks to the UCS partnership with the new United Shores Professional Baseball League (USPBL), students who meet their reading goal for the month are eligible to earn a complimentary baseball game ticket.  Look for information coming home with your student.  Thank you to the JHV for sponsoring our Reading Month festivities and to our staff members for planning so many fun activities centered on reading!


The Harvey Staff encourages all families to read together at home.  Why do educators stress the importance of children reading 20 minutes every evening?  According to a study by Nagy and Herman, if “Student A” reads for 20 minutes each day, they will read for 3,600 minutes in a school year (approximately 1,800,000 words).  If “Student B” reads for 5 minutes each day, they will read for 900 minutes in a school year (approximately 282,000 words).  If “Student C” reads for 1 minute teach day, they will read for 180 minutes in a school year (approximately 8,000 words).  By the end of 6th grade, “Student A” will have read the equivalent of 60 whole school days, while “Student B” will have read only 12 school days.  Which student would you expect to have a more extensive vocabulary?  Which student would you expect to have the greatest potential for success in school and beyond? 

Reading at home increases children’s attention spans, stimulates their imaginations, improves their self-esteem, increases the probability of graduating from high school and going on to higher education or a career, and strengthens children’s problem-solving and critical thinking skills.  When children are successful readers, they can be successful in all aspects of their lives.  Not to mention there is nothing quite like the bonding experience of enjoying a good book with your child.  Be sure to encourage your child to check out books from Harvey’s library each week during their Media Center time.  Visit your local public library, which offers an incredible amount of reading material for children.  Enjoy reading with your child during Reading Month and beyond! 

We need to take a moment to thank Ms. Beszka and her committee of staff members and parents for organizing Harvey's annual Talent Show happening on March 1.  Our performers will display remarkable talent, and our audience of students, staff, and family members will be so entertained.  Kudos to all of our performers and to everyone who is working behind the scenes to make our Talent Show a great success.

The evening of Friday, March 2 will be our Daddy Daughter Dance!  All of our attendees will be treated to an evening filled with great food, dancing, and fun contests!  It takes a great team of volunteers to pull off such an exciting event, and we thank everyone who has donated their time and talents to make the evening a fun time for all! 

A reminder that your children can extend what they are learning at school by logging on to several excellent on line resources at home.  Make sure to encourage your child to work on Dreambox (math for students in grades K-2), Discovery Science (grades K-6), and Moby Max (all grades/all subjects).  Please contact your child’s teacher should you need usernames and/or passwords for these excellent resources.


Mrs. Laurie Pritchard, principal

Our vision at Jack Harvey Elementary is to provide high-quality and authentic learning experiences within a caring community.  This will enable and empower students to become lifelong learners and productive citizens.

The mission of Jack Harvey Elementary School is to guide, support and encourage all students so they can reach their academic and social potential.
March is Reading Month so make sure you and your child are working to meet their reading goal.  Reading with your child every day helps to build their reading comprehension skills and helps to instill a life-long love of reading.  Enjoy spending time reading as a family not only during March but all year long!

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