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From the Principal ​

With the arrival of 2020, this is a time where many of us reflect on what we would like to do differently to make the New Year a great one. These reflections are often in the form of “New Year Resolutions,” where we set goals for the brand-new year.

I would encourage you to set some academic goals with your children this year. Perhaps your child would like to become more proficient at reading. Together you can make a goal to read for a minimum of ten minutes per day. Perhaps your child would like to become more proficient at math. Together you can make a goal to practice basic math facts every night for ten minutes.  Setting goals is a powerful, motivating tool, and your support at home is crucial to your child’s success in school. It is the goal of all of our Harvey staff members to increase the proficiency of ALL of our students in ALL of our academic areas (reading, writing, math, science, and social studies), and we are working very hard to achieve this goal.


Our vision at Jack Harvey Elementary is to provide high-quality and authentic learning experiences within a caring community.  This will enable and empower students to become lifelong learners and productive citizens.
The mission of Jack Harvey Elementary School is to guide, support and encourage all students so they can reach their academic and social potential
  • Every child can learn and achieve.
  • Parents and guardians are partners in the learning process.
  • Being “smart” can be achieved through persistence, hard work and effective effort.
  • Excellence is expected and celebrated.
  • Data is used to guide our decision-making.
  • All employees will exemplify ethical behavior; exhibit a strong work ethic; and continue to develop their leadership, performance and service skills.
  • Technology supports and enhances instruction, business operations, research and communications.
  • The Board of Education, district educators/staff, parents, community members and business leaders must collaborate and work as a team to enhance educational opportunities for student success.