Harvey students get art museum experience in their own backyard
Harvey students get art museum experience in their own backyard
Posted on 12/02/2016
Harvey kindergarten students work on a display station at the DIA Away busHarvey Elementary students took a trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts without ever leaving their back yards.

The museum's fully furnished, double-expandable trailer pulled into the schools to bring the DIA experience to the students. 

Inside, the K-5 Harvey discovered some of the ways artists think and then had the opportunity to try out creative thinking skills at digital and hands-on stations. 

Harvey kindergarten student Drew McAllister was excited about the DIA bus stationed in his school's parking lot because art is one of his favorite subjects.

"I love art because I love painting," he said. 

The DIA Away experience was organized into two main areas: explore the way artists think and practice the way artists think. 

The exploration area featured digital and graphic reproductions of five works of art from the DIA's collection. 

Using touchscreens, sliding panels, lift labels and other interactive elements, students students discovered how artists imagine new worlds, combine everyday objects in unexpected ways, collaborate with each other, fuse cultural traditions and keep their minds open to new possibilities. 

Three creativity stations offered opportunities to practice some of the ways artists think. 

In one area, students combined everyday objects to create a آœfantasy transporter.آ After thinking about where they want to go, what they want to move through (air, sand, water, space and time), and who they want to bring along, students designed their transporter using magnets and white boards. The idea is to explore how everyday objects can serve completely different functions when placed in other contexts. 

At another creativity station, students used touchscreens to choose a scene then manipulate a series of visual filters to alter the mood or feeling of that scene. For example, an image of a street scene could be made joyous, peaceful or mysterious by changing colors, lighting and other visual effects.