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May 28, 2021

Dear UCS Parents and Guardians,

Across the district, there are signs that we are successfully bringing the 2020-21 school year to a close. Schools are celebrating student success, we have completed our remote learning days, and graduation is a little over a week away.

As we move into these final weeks, I want to take a moment to share some updates with you.

Immediate Changes in Health and Safety Protocols

As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, there have been changes to the health and safety protocols for schools.

The revisions in restrictions are allowing us to make corresponding changes in health and safety protocols as guided by the Macomb County Health Department.

For instance, with restrictions for outdoor gatherings being eased, we have been able to expand opportunities for our outdoor activities. We have recently communicated with the families of high school seniors about expanding participation at the commencement ceremonies and having students graduate as one class.

As recent as Wednesday, we have been able to revise protocols related to COVID-19 to adjust the contact tracing process that identifies individuals who may require quarantines due to a close contact with COVID-19. You can see those changes on our website.

All changes in protocols are made through continued partnership with the health care professionals at the Macomb County Health Department. Health and safety remain a priority for our school district.

Next Year

On July 1, all COVID-19-related restrictions in the State of Michigan will be lifted. As we look toward next year, we are actively planning for a Back to School in late August that will look and feel like a traditional, pre-pandemic start. This includes five full days of in-person instruction and the lifting of protocols, such as face coverings and athletic testing, that were in place this year.

You can find an overview of next year’s calendar at this link.

#UCS Champions

This has been a tough year and each of us has been asked to step outside of our comfort zone. As we reflect on the difficult road we have traveled together, we also acknowledge that tackling tough challenges is what we do in UCS. Whether it was providing meals to students, creating online educational platforms, or engaging in social and emotional supports for peers, the UCS faculty, staff, parents and students faced difficult challenges and overcame them.

Across our community, what unites all of us is that providing educational excellence to our children is nonnegotiable. Regardless of where we stand on pandemic issues, we remain committed to the success of every student. Our community recognizes the value of our UCS administrators, teachers and staff members and the synergy and learning that occur in our district.

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The year-end stories you may have recently seen about UCS are those of human triumph: A 70-year old Adult Education student who earned her diploma to set an example for her grandchildren; a female woodworking student who is breaking barriers as a student and a future small business owner; students who create support structures to help their peers on mental health issues; a graduate with a perfect SAT score; and a UCS teacher who was honored for his tireless work with his special education students.

At the same time, there are many stories that remain untold. There were “behind the scenes” champions that deserve to be recognized - and to do that I ask for your help. If you observed someone who made a difference through proactive work, a focus on positive relationships or who supported educational excellence at UCS, please share their stories with us at this link: We want to celebrate these individuals over the coming weeks, but we need your help to do so.

Much will be written about the impact of the pandemic on education. Many of those writing will never personally experience our learning in action. For us – the UCS team that met these challenges and worked every day to create success for students – our year will be defined through the work of individuals who demonstrated resilience, innovation and a commitment to excellence.

Please help me tell those stories. Together, as we close out the year, let’s celebrate the accomplishments of our district team of staff, parents and community members and the difference they have made and will make in the future.


Robert S. Monroe
Superintendent of Schools